Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Kindergarten Graduation Party

What a great day to celebration twin boys graduation.  It was bright, sunny, and cheery just like the decor.  Primary colors were used for the decor, along with numbers and alphabets.

There was several stations, including a reading and listening corner for our little scholars!

Another activity corner, filled with coloring books, playdoh, blocks, and paint.  Our little artists were hard at work.


Everyone was welcomed by a chalk board greeting.

And a fantastic crayon wreath.

Centerpieces include gerber daises enclosed in a crayon lined vase.  Old coffee jars were tied with a alphabet ribbon and used as their drinking glasses.  Old cans were spray painted with chalkboard paint to hold the crayons, markers, etc....
What better way to go into grade one than with these party favors. A box once again spray painted with chalk board paint and filled with school necessities og glue, markers, crayons, ruler, playdoh, erasers, etc...
Water bottle labels were labeled with smart water, how unique.
And a dessert table of primary colors finished the day. 
For complete line of pictures of this event please visit my facebook page at Jazzy Celebrations.

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